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Stage II USA – DRC – Indonesia

The initial support of concentration to optimize the DRC portfolio is the development of core infrastructure, namely:

  1. Railroad tracks and rolling stock development, in which PT TSG Utama Indonesia has collaborated with PT Industri Kereta Api (
  2. Construction of 1000 MW Power Plant, starting with 200 MW Solar Energy Power Plant in Kinshasa and other provinces.
  3. Development of air transportation facilities between mining cities and International Flight Air Cargo from DRC to worldwide. PT TSG Utama Indonesia has collaborated with PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines.
  4. DRC reconstruction and development of city main road and toll road.
  5. TSG Global Holdings USA and PT TSG Utama Indonesia are also collaborating with several private companies in Australia on its mining exploration and exploitation activities in DRC.
  6. TSG Global Holdings and PT TSG Utama Indonesia and the DRC Government have agreed to optimize the mineral portfolio of DRC through the global money market, which will be followed up by Titan Global Capital Singapore, Atlantis Capital Australia, TSG Group’s top prime international banks and other international fund manager teams.