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Following the signing of agreement in January 2020 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta, TSG Global Holdings USA and PT TSG Utama Indonesia agreed to develop and invest in the Republic of Indonesia to support the economic activities of the ABED Program with the main goal of Indonesia Global Export concerning ABED Country members.

  1. PT TSG Utama Indonesia together with PT Inka Multi Solution Trading (IMST), one of PT INKA SOEs group formed a company in Singapore named TSG Infrastructure Pte. Ltd. as one of the company that will become an infrastructure business investment facilitator through TSG Group’s finance associate Titan Global Capital, Atlantis Capital and other TSG international fund manager associates from several countries who already had the legal regulations for mineral product placement to release the cash funding against project development business plans.
  2. PT TSG Utama Indonesia and TSG Global Holdings provide support both in capital and in the transfer of renewable technology to several private companies in Indonesia:
      1. TSG Banyuwangi Industrial Estate Project.
      2. Integrated Palm Oil Refinery Factory in Pangkalan Susu, North Sumatera with export orientation to ABED Countries.
      3. Supporting Indonesia aviation management and Pilot Flying School with the aim of creating a reliable generation of ABED in operating air transportation activities among ABED Countries especially in DRC activities as the main hub.
      4. Construction of feed mill and food processing factories.