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TRISTAR GROUP functions as a holding company primarily focused on facilitating business development across multiple sectors, including infrastructure and manufacturing.

The establishment of TRISTAR GROUP is rooted in a forward-looking vision of advanced high technology, aimed at orchestrating seamless business operations spanning across Europe, the USA, Rusia, Asia, and Africa. The management of capital investment funds is entrusted to international affiliate group members, including Titan Global Capital Pte. Ltd., Chatra Global Capital LLC, Aceis Capital Ltd., Atlantis Capital Ltd., and other entities.


We aspire to become an advanced investment and project development company specializing in infrastructure, agriculture, farming, and renewable energy. Our mission is to drive profound and impactful transformations in developing countries through the implementation of digitalization methods and systems.


We are dedicated to pinpointing the needs of developing countries and providing comprehensive solutions that foster regional prosperity. We are committed to integrating cutting-edge technology into sustainable development programs, thus realizing the Millennium Development Goals. Additionally, we aspire to significantly enhance the mutual partnership among Europe, the USA, Asia, and Africa. Building upon a legacy that spans back to 1946, the TRISTAR GROUP's mission revolves around engaging in novel investment systems and strategies through our proprietary digital platform, digital banking services, and various other high-tech supporting amenities.

Backed by the support of our founding family, sister companies, and investors from Europe, the USA, Australia, and Israel, TRISTAR GROUP is engaged in a collaborative endeavor with various international Pension Funds and Fund Managers. This initiative has led to the introduction of a program named “ONE STOP DIGITAL GLOBAL INVESTMENT” designed to bolster the economic growth of nations.


In January 2022, a comprehensive agreement was executed among all stakeholders to execute the “ONE STEP DIGITAL GLOBAL INVESTMENT” program. The Kingdom of Thailand was chosen as the pioneering nation for this system, with our Thailand-based affiliate company, Aceis Capital Ltd., playing a pivotal role in its implementation.